Hometown Heroes

Are you a firefighter, certified educator, childcare operator, childcare instructor, therapist, psychologist, counselor, dietician, nutritionist, athletic trainer, veterinarian, veterinarian assistant/technician, work in law enforcement, or the medical industry in the state of Florida? If so you may qualify for down payment assistance in the amount of 5% or $25,000. Call or message me today to find out how.

  • Buyer must fall under one of the listed occupations. List is pretty extensive so I recommend reviewing it thoroughly:eligible-occupations.pdf (floridahousing.org)
  • For Charlotte County household income limits must fall at or below $118,950
  • For FHA max loan limit is $420,680.00
  • For Conventional and VA max loan limit is $647,200.00
  • Down payment assistance is offered up to 5% and capped at a max $25,000
  • Minimum 640Fico credit score (please note some sights such as Credit Karma and freecreditreport.com do not use a Fico. If your buyer tells you there score I like to ask, “Can you please tell me where you acquired your score from? Also When was the last time you pulled your score?”
  • Must qualify as a first time home buyer under IRS guidelines of not owning a home in the past three years as your primary residence. (veterans are the only exemption)
  • Homebuyer education is required.