Why would I want to move from my single family home?

If you’re like most people, your Florida dream house is about 1,800 square feet, with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a pool. It is in a nice neighborhood with similar homes. When cutting the grass got to be too much, you hired someone for $80-100 per month to take care of it. When the pool got to be too much, you hired someone for $75-90 a month. Then the water softener system was too much trouble, so you contracted for a service to maintain the filtration and perhaps the reverse-osmosis system. After a few years, the house needed updating, and painting, and repairs. The systems started to show their age. And so did you.


Wanting to spend more time relaxing, taking up a hobby, meeting new people, going out to dinner, you still enjoyed the home…but maybe not as much. Then you or your spouse had a health issue. The expense and effect on your lifestyle was more than you expected. You can’t enjoy the pool, or the yard, and how are you going to maintain that house?


If you are faced with a situation like this, it might be time to look at your options.


As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, I can help you look at all your options.  Together, we can examine the lifestyles available to you in a condominium, a Continuing Care Retirement Community, or in an Assisted Living facility.  Knowing your options may give you clarity and peace of mind.



There is no obligation, and I will happily introduce you to members of my seniors specialist network.


Let me know of your need, and I can help you.