When is it time to get help at home?



If you are like most people, you take pride in caring for yourself. That could mean cleaning, shopping, bathing, maintaining your finances, remembering to order and take your medications, and getting around on your own. But sometimes as we age, we just don’t have the energy to do these things, or we become forgetful. So they pile up, or go undone, creating distress for loved ones, as well dangerous situations for ourselves.


As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, I have the training and understanding to help homeowners and their family members sort through housing options. Maybe you are not considering selling, but you just need a little help.


Many people enjoy the services of home health aides, and contract with an agency to have them come in a couple times a week, or even several hours a day. If you or your loved ones need to discuss any of these options, please give me a call. I can bring in one of the specialists in my network to help you…as much or as little as you need.