Are you Florida dreaming? Beaches, sunshine, tiki bars golfing and boating on your mind? Southwest Florida communities are as unique as fingerprints! A professional realtor knows these differences, can help you sort through your options,...

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Is it time to make a move? You need a little more yard for all your “toys”! Your significant other moves in! Your family is growing! You want to downsize and travel! The children have...

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Southwest Florida has shown consistent appreciation in home prices above 25% per year! With a strong seasonal and annual rental demand, you can meet your goals for steady cash flow AND capital appreciation. Our experienced...

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New Construction

New home building is booming in SW Florida! Major national homebuilders as well as local custom builders have a presence here. New homes feature up-to-code safety, energy efficiency, and designer options for the most discerning...

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I am a certified Pricing Strategy Advisor. This means that I will help you set a price that will get your home sold quickly.

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